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How CBD Products are Manufactured

Upholding the highest standards of hygiene, cultivation, extraction, and processing; Qurist strives to put forth the purest, safest, and most reliable premium CBD product on the market. We at Qurist realised that the booming wellness market in India didn’t seem to have any reliable CBD products; lacking either certifications, chemical analyses, sometimes even websites; one didn’t feel comfortable buying CBD products in India, and often resorted to shipping them from abroad. Shocked that India was potentially missing out on the wide range of health benefits CBD provides, we set up Qurist- a brand specifically tailored to ensure that consumers can understand everything about our product, and feel safe and assured buying CBD oil in India.


The most essential factor in manufacturing of CBD oil, is the raw material. To ensure that hemp plants used for our product are chemical and contaminant free, our plants are organically grown without the use of pesticides, fertilisers or GMOs. Furthermore, we employ some of the best inputs suited for hemp cultivation. Carefully regulated growing conditions ensure the soil is loose, well-aerated, fertile, and rich in organic matter. The pH level is kept between 6-7.5, and is tested at regular intervals to ensure adequate levels of nitrogen, phosphorous, sulphur and calcium.

Qurist Quality Check #1

The organic hemp is then tested for CBD and THC content, pesticides, heavy metals, and hazardous components.


Our proprietary extraction methods ensure no traces of THC or contaminants, creating the purest form of extract.
  • The plants undergo an eco-friendly CO2 extraction. Since the solvent isn’t toxic, no contaminants can enter the extract. Furthermore, CO2 is recyclable, making it a more sustainable method of extraction.
  • The raw extract is then put through a winterization process for refinement. It gets mixed into a solvent and is chilled in a freezer. This separates the desired from the undesired compounds.
  • The winterized extract is then distilled for purification and further refinement. This process further separates contaminants; ensuring a potent, CBD rich mix.
  • The extract then undergoes a gas chromatography which ensures no traces of contaminants or THC.


The extract is mixed into MCT oil, in a temperature controlled and sanitised laboratory. We chose MCT as our carrier oil to ensure a great user experience when using our product. MCT oil is extracted from coconut oil, and consists of medium-length chains of fats called triglycerides. It has become a popular supplement for athletes and bodybuilders as it is very easy to digest, it’s a great source of energy, and can even help transform fat into energy.

Qurist Quality Check #2

The final tincture undergoes a quality check to ensure no contaminants are present.


The product is then bottled and sealed in a sanitised environment.

Qurist Quality Check #3

Before dispatch, each bottle and dropper is inspected, those that clear this stage are stamped and sent for delivery.


Our product is gluten free and doesn’t contain peanuts or its derivatives.

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