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Our in-house formulated cannabis based sleep pills have a perfect balance of CBD and THC  that help you fall asleep faster & deeper, so you wake up refreshed & rejuvenated the next day. All Natural, preservative-free, no drug interactions. Each capsule contains 35mg CBD + 15mg THC + Chamomile.

Note: Due to high demand, expect a 7 day delay in delivery.

Size: Standard - 10 Pills
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Sleep, but better.

100% natural, extra safe formula. Say goodbye to dangerous sleep supplements.

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Pure Cannabinoid Extract and Chamomile

see visible difference in sleeping quality with cannabis plant

Years of R&D

Because perfection takes time.


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Top Reviews

Seshadri A.

The best sleep supplement

I haven't tried any sleep supplement as effective as this. The best part is this has completely stopped nighttime anxiety for me!

Samakshi S.

Better than melatonin

It took about 45 mins to fall asleep, but I had the best sleep I have had all year. Woke up so well rested and had the best day!

Adi T.

Always keep it with me

I have never tried sleeping pills because they are dangerous and addictive. But Sleepeasy is not! Totally natural and non-addictive!

Customer Reviews

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Rajesh S.

Highly recommended for quality sleep!!

Rajesh S.

Highly recommended for quality sleep!!


As a frequent traveler and someone who often battles jet lag, these CBD sleeping pills are a lifesaver. I take them before long-haul flights or during time zone changes, and they help me adjust and get quality sleep.

Meera D.

These CBD sleeping pills are a gift for my anxiety-induced insomnia. I take one about an hour before bed, and it helps calm my racing thoughts and ensures a peaceful night's sleep.

Kajal V.

These pills has made a big difference in my sleep quality. I'm able to fall asleep more easily and I wake up feeling more refreshed.