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Our formulation contains only CBD as the active ingredient in the product, after complete extraction of the psychoactive agent that is THC that could be present, making it absolutely free from causing any uneasiness.

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Got questions about CBD? We're taking the guesswork away!

Our brand ethos is clear about ensuring transparency against the reliability of our product for use. We consider it our duty to provide you with factual clarity and research based data on CBD and the efficacy of our products so that you can make informed health decisions.

With great quality products, we want to educate you with valuable information too, that might help you make the right decision for yourself, or your near and dear ones.

Our crystal clear brand ethos is about ensuring that the product you are purchasing for use is reliable. It’s our duty, to diligently provide you with factual clarity on CBD, that will help improve health issues. With great quality products, we want to offer valuable information too, that will help you make the right decision for yourself, or for your near and dear ones.

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CBD or cannabidiol is an all natural compound, found and extracted from the humble industrial hemp plant. Broad Spectrum CBD, which is a product of the same, itself does not contain traces of THC. CBD oil is known to have medicinal properties that can cure various ailments and reduce the effect of many diseases one might be suffering from. Over the recent years, CBD has gained a massive momentum in the medical world, providing people relief in a natural way or offering an alternative for the regular pharmaceutical options.

Given that CBD has been widely known and reported to relieve pain problems, and since CBD products are extracted from the hemp plant, they are legal to use. Under the Drugs And Cosmetic Act 1940, the license issued states that CBD oil can be manufactured and legally used in India.

CBD oil is free of the psychoactive agent, THC, the source that causes the high! Our CBD oil is extracted directly from high quality, well cultivated hemp plants and is free from any such THC traces. It only has therapeutic benefits and does not cause any form of intoxication, making it a natural product.

There are various ways of consuming CBD oil, depending on the strength of the product and your requirement.
CBD oil is most effective when consumed orally i.e sublingually. However, our CBD oil can also be mixed with food, in hot beverages or applied topically. You can place it under your tongue for 30-60 seconds for about 3 times a day.
CBD oil comes in a capsule form, and is good for maintaining a certain amount of compound inside the body to keep a consistent effect in day to day life.
Smoothies, protein shakes and coffees, infused with CBD not only help in releasing stress and anxiety but also makes you feel more fresh, energetic and takes the edge off those caffeine after effects/jitters.

Overdose of anything in excessive quantities is never good for the body. So to familiarise yourself with CBD, just a few drops will do the work and will start bringing your body into a state of balance, with consistent use. Everyone works with different amounts of CBD that suits them. Mild dosage, 3 times a day is what is usually recommended.

Broad spectrum CBD contains a range of naturally occurring compounds and is one of the main forms of cannabidiol. It is 100% THC free, eliminating any kind of proactive, psychoactive properties and is widely known for its pain curing qualities. It works best as an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant supplement.

Full spectrum CBD contains several naturally occurring cannabis plant extracts. It contains trace amounts of THC and may leave one feeling slightly high after consumption. It contains of a lot of beneficial compounds too, that aid and provide neuropathic relief for multiple diseases.