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Our original cannabis tinctures - a cult favourite! Perfect for a variety of concerns and holistic wellness.

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Our all new concern based pills that target the root cause of specific concerns and provide all day relief.

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Your pets deserve the best too! Our Pet CBD oil is perfect for pets with arthritis, pain or anxiety related issues.


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Nothing beats the original Qurist tinctures. Far better than most CBD oils I used in the UK. A regular part of my routine now.

Mahanya Khanna

Cannabis?! Who would’ve thought! I was so skeptical going in. But you really have to try it. Sleepeasy is a miracle for my sleep.

Lavisha Gaur

Painaway is the only painkiller that worked for me after surgery. Its incomparable to Ultracet or Combiflam. Now it’s my go-to painkiller.

Vishal Singh

Periodaid is THE period cure. Aches, cramps irritability, all gone. I felt good all day. A mini is always a part of my period kit now.

Shreya Ekka

The CBD+THC oil was a godsend for my late father. It helped with all his chemotherapy side-effects like no other medication has.

Jaideep S.

Oreo is completely anxiety free now! Initially I gave him the Pet CBD Oil for arthritis, but it also helped a lot with his anxiety so I made it a part of his routine.

Oreo's Mom

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