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All new concern based pills

2 ingredient cannabis based pills for Pain, Sleep and PMS. We bet you've never seen anything like this before.

migraine relief tablets, #Size_Standard - 10 pills

โ‚น 299.00

natural medicine for pain and inflammation, #Size_Standard - 10 pills

โ‚น 399.00

cbd sleep capsules, #Size_Standard - 10 pills

โ‚น 299.00

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migraine relief tablets, #Size_Standard - 10 pillsIn Hand Qurist PeriodAid Capsule, #Size_Standard - 10 pills
Sale priceFrom โ‚น 299.00
On sale
natural medicine for pain and inflammation, #Size_Standard - 10 pillsnatural medicine for pain, #Size_Standard - 10 pills
Sale priceFrom โ‚น 399.00
On sale
cbd sleep capsules, #Size_Standard - 10 pillstreat sleeplessness naturally, #Size_Standard - 10 pills
Sale priceFrom โ‚น 299.00

There's something for everyone

CBD and THC Oil Vijaya extract Cannabis tinctures

Original CBD Tinctures

Our original cannabis tinctures - a cult favourite! Perfect for a variety of concerns and holistic wellness.

CBD Painaway Sleepeasy Tablets

All Natural Pills

Our all new concern based pills that target the root cause of specific concerns and provide all day relief.

CBD Oil for Pets like Dog

Pet CBD Oil

Your pets deserve the best too! Our Pet CBD oil is perfect for pets with arthritis, pain or anxiety related issues.

Say goodbye to painful periods.

Our specially designed period pain pill relieves all 7 symptoms of PMS for upto 12 hours. Helping with cramps, irritability, mood, and hormonal balance.

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Dr. Qurist to the rescue!

Most of our products require a prescription. If you don't have one, one of our doctors will call you within 24 hours of your order for a free audio/video consultation. If you want a consultation before your order, click the link below!

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With a no-compromise approach to R&D, Quality, and Testing - Qurist delivers the best medical cannabis products in the world.

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cannabis extract THC free CBD Oil buy online India
Nothing beats the original Qurist tinctures. Far better than most CBD oils I used in the UK. A regular part of my routine now.

Mahanya Khanna

Cannabis?! Who wouldโ€™ve thought! I was so skeptical going in. But you really have to try it. Sleepeasy is a miracle for my sleep.

Lavisha Gaur

Painaway is the only painkiller that worked for me after surgery. Its incomparable to Ultracet or Combiflam. Now itโ€™s my go-to painkiller.

Vishal Singh

Periodaid is THE period cure. Aches, cramps irritability, all gone. I felt good all day. A mini is always a part of my period kit now.

Shreya Ekka

The CBD+THC oil was a godsend for my late father. It helped with all his chemotherapy side-effects like no other medication has.

Jaideep S.

Oreo is completely anxiety free now! Initially I gave him the Pet CBD Oil for arthritis, but it also helped a lot with his anxiety so I made it a part of his routine.

Oreo's Mom

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