CBD Oil in India

CBD Oil in India

CBD oil in India has seen widespread use by psychologists, psychiatrists, oncologists, neurologists, fitness instructors, nutritionists, vets, gyms, athletes, senior care homes and people suffering from anxiety. The wide adoption of CBD oil in India stems from the need to move away from allopathic medicines and move toward natural, side effect free supplements. The benefits of CBD oil has been a hindrance to large pharmaceutical companies that rely on allopathic medicines with side effects that aren’t as effective. CBD oil in India has especially seen a tremendous fan following after its benefits being reported and publicized extensively in western markets like Canada, U.S.A., U.K., Germany and more.

Where do I buy CBD oil in India, and how do I choose the right product?

It's important to be sure of the quality of CBD you are buying in India. As CBD is a new and upcoming industry, it is largely unregulated. At this point its important to make sure that the brand you’re buying from is trusted and provides safe and quality CBD oil in India. In fact, many broad spectrum products that are being sold in India are in fact CBD isolates - a cheap CBD extract that is derived from the waste parts of the hemp plant. It is important to check the ingredients behind every bottle to make sure you are getting a “broad spectrum CBD extract”.

CBD oil in India is gaining widespread popularity as professionals are starting to understand and see its benefits. In India, CBD oil is being promoted by top neurologists, oncologists, athletes, vets, gyms, and physicians.

CBD oil India legalities

A question which many consumers have is whether or not CBD oil is legal in India. Long answer short - it’s completely legal. CBD is a non psychoactive non restricted compound that is extracted from industrial hemp. And while marijuana and hemp are distant cousins of the same plant species, they are entirely different plants. Here is a more detailed description of CBD oil’s legal status in India.

CBD oil is an extract of the hemp plant that contains CBD - a non psychoactive medicinal compound which is further diluted in coconut or hemp seed oil. CBD oil is completely safe and legal to purchase in India as its not a banned or restricted substance under the NDPS (national drugs and psychotropics substances) act. The substance that is restricted is THC - a chemical found in the marijuana plant, a distant cousin of the hemp plant. The government recognizes the fact that CBD is not a drug and is a non-restricted, legal, natural plant derivative.

Where do I buy CBD oil in India?

The next question we want to answer is where can one buy CBD oil in India? CBD oil can be purchased from independent brands like Qurist or also through multiple aggregator sides. CBD oil in India is mainly viable online as the it has entered India only after COVID quarantine. You can also buy CBD oil in India from select chemists, gyms, neurologists, psychiatrists, vets, senior care centers and oncologists across India. 

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