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Our in-house formulated cannabis-based Periodaid™ has the perfect balance of CBD and THC that offers long-lasting pain relief from menstrual cramps, spasm and facilitates a hormonal balance to tackle all 7 PMS symptoms. All Natural, preservative-free, no drug interactions. Each capsule contains 20mg CBD + 20mg THC + Ginger. 

Note: Our pills are very potent and suitable only for those with severe conditions. 

Size: Standard - 10 Pills

Helps with cramps. And 6 more symptoms.

benefits of periodaid natural capsule

Meftal who?

Helps balance your hormones 100% naturally. Say goodbye to traditional period medication.

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Feeling better, made easier.

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Top Reviews

Anupriya G.

The best thing that's happened for my periods

It works brilliantly for cramps, mood, irritability, bloating. I feel good on my period and can carry on with my life as normal.

Mehak N.

Haven't bought Meftal since I tried Periodaid

My cramps and back pain are horrible during my period. I was skeptical going in, but I am shocked at how well this works.

Yukta S.

It just WORKS!

10/10 bloody brilliant. Never tried anything that works this well. My periods are a breeze now and this is an essential in my bag.

Customer Reviews

Based on 131 reviews
Rachita S.

CBD for painful periods works very well. I have been taking these pills concurrently in my 3rd period, and I feel so relaxed and tension-free about the pain and cramps.

Lata R.

I have experienced that these CBD pills are the best alternative for period cramps and bloating rather than painkillers and other aids. It provides quick relief, easing muscle tension and reducing inflammation. The calming effect makes dealing with monthly discomfort much more manageable.

Premlekha S.

With almost no side effects, taking Periodaid capsules CBD for cramps is a safe and effective way to reduce pain. I am delighted to hear that it has no side effects and it reduces my cramps well.

Deepshikha B.

Best wellness product that I have ordered yet.


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