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Our in-house formulated cannabis-based Periodaid™ has the perfect balance of CBD and THC that offers long-lasting pain relief from menstrual cramps, spasm and facilitates a hormonal balance to tackle all 7 PMS symptoms. All Natural, preservative-free, no drug interactions. Each capsule contains 20mg CBD + 20mg THC + Ginger. 

Note: Our pills are very potent and suitable only for those with severe conditions. 

Size: Standard - 10 Pills

Helps with cramps. And 6 more symptoms.

benefits of periodaid natural capsule

Meftal who?

Helps balance your hormones 100% naturally. Say goodbye to traditional period medication.

benefits of qurist periodaid capsule

Feeling better, made easier.

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Top Reviews

Anupriya G.

The best thing that's happened for my periods

It works brilliantly for cramps, mood, irritability, bloating. I feel good on my period and can carry on with my life as normal.

Mehak N.

Haven't bought Meftal since I tried Periodaid

My cramps and back pain are horrible during my period. I was skeptical going in, but I am shocked at how well this works.

Yukta S.

It just WORKS!

10/10 bloody brilliant. Never tried anything that works this well. My periods are a breeze now and this is an essential in my bag.

Customer Reviews

Based on 81 reviews
Jhanvi D.
Great Product

I’m extremely happy with the Priodais. I was skeptical so at first, but after using this for one cycle, I’ve felt less period cramps, mood swings, and bloating, less stressed, and able to fall asleep quickly.

Shefali K.
Improved my overall well-being

This product has improved my mood, pain, energy, and general sense of well-being. Interestingly, it has also contributed to reviving my creativity as it makes cannabis much safer for me. high potency thc strains make me anxious and unwell. These tablets restore all the “good” stuff needed for the full entourage effect and a safe, enjoyable experience with thc. The combination of restored good health and creativity has paid huge dividends in my life and business.

Raveena D.
I totally rely on Periodaid during my difficult days

I have found benefits from using these CBD capsules for period relief. I particularly gravitate toward gummies that have a 1:1 ratio of THC to CBD (meaning they contain the same amount of both compounds) when I’m dealing with tougher days or trying to sleep. I rely on trustworthy Qurist's Periodaid because my well-being can’t afford anything less. I’ve also made other healthful changes in my life that have helped me manage my symptoms, like finding other supplements that work for me, getting an IUD, changing my eating habits, and working out more. CBD and cannabis aided my journey of health and self-growth.

Nandini S.
Relieved Menstrual Cramps & Eases Muscles Spasm

Initially, I used CBD oil for menstrual cramps, but it was not that effective. Dr. Ashna Suggested Periodaid period pain relief capsules. I have found it works well. Although it does make me tired sometimes, it works great. I take it a few times a day if the pain is bad. I have been using spectrum CBD for years and I am very happy with the quality and the results of Periodaid.

Sangeetha R.

I consulted with Dr. Ashna, and she suggested these capsules for my menstrual pain relief. It targets inflammation, reduces pain signals, and promotes relaxation. Before using Periodaid you should also confirm with your health care professional.