CBD for Pain After Surgery

CBD for Pain After Surgery

Undergoing major surgery can often be extremely painful due to the inflammation and nerve damage caused during the surgical procedure.

Traditional medications are commonly used for post-surgical pain management, post-surgery pain relief, or even chronic pain. But what if patients look for natural alternatives? Well, with the increasing acceptance of CBD's therapeutic properties, a lot of CBD-infused pills and oils have emerged in the market, offering a convenient way to reduce post-surgery pain.

How To Use CBD Products Post-Surgery

Once the doctor decides to incorporate CBD into your routine post-surgical procedure, you will need to be mindful and cautious.

The fact that every individual’s body can respond differently after the surgery, as the equilibrium of one’s endocannabinoid system can change, the safest practice would be to adopt a slow incorporation of CBD. This will not only minimise risks but also maximise benefits.

Factors like inflammation after the surgery, medications, and the physical impact of surgery can affect the endocannabinoid balance. With this potential alter, building up your dosage slowly allows you to find the exact point where the required effects are achieved without overburdening the equilibrium.

CBD Product Types

CBD Oil and Capsules

CBD oil comes with the ease of taking it drop by drop which ensures that one can monitor the intake of oil. Once you have finalised your ideal required dosage, you and even incorporate pre-dosed CBD capsules into your routine for more convenience.

Note: After surgery, your body might feel more sensitive or less tolerant. Thus it is advised to begin with a smaller dose than you were accustomed to pre-surgery (if you were consuming it back then) and observe your body's reaction to the dose before increasing the same.

CBD Gummies

CBD gummies are edible forms that release the CBD slowly since they pass through the digestive system of the human body. This slow release is ideal for all those easing back around the consumption of CBD.

Note: Ensure to check for any additional ingredients in gummies, especially if you are on post-surgical medications, to avoid any reaction.

Smokable Forms

Smoking or vaping CBD provides immediate effects. In this case, you will want to be more cautious because it’s harder to measure precise amounts of CBD through this incorporation method. Plus, smoking or vaping also has the added risk of affecting your lungs, especially if the surgery is related to the respiratory or cardiovascular systems.

Note: The rapid consumption might make it easier to observe and monitor for any side effects, but always ensure beforehand whether your respiratory system can handle smoke post-surgery.

CBD After Cosmetic Procedure

CBD is generally well-tolerated, but its interaction with post-surgical medications can end up causing problems. Patients are often prescribed a bunch of medicines to keep pain, inflammation, and swelling at ease. and there's still not enough research to know how CBD interacts with those drugs.

To be on the safer side, it is better to refrain from using CBD products a cosmetic surgery. This way, there will be no risk of reaction.

A discussion with your doctor can help you with details regarding your cosmetic surgery.

CBD After Major Open Heart Surgery

Open-heart surgery is one of the most crucial medical procedures a person can undergo. It's a complex procedure that requires a precise balance within the body for proper recovery and messing with this balance can put one at risk for serious complications.

The post-surgical phase is a delicate period that requires careful consideration of every substance introduced into the human body.

Studies and research on CBD show its effect on blood pressure and heart rate. While these effects might be beneficial under certain circumstances, incorporating CBD after an open-heart surgery could impact the body's natural stabilization process.

Open-heart surgery patients are typically prescribed a lot of medications post-surgery, including blood thinners, anti-arrhythmic, and pain relievers.

CBD's potential interaction with these drugs is still under research. You should probably prevent using CBD or any other herbal supplements when recovering from open heart surgery.

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