Your pets new best friend.

Trusted by top vets across India to manage your pets anxiety and pain. Be it arthritis or anxiety caused by car rides - our Pet CBD Oil comes to the rescue!

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How Can CBD Help My Pet?

CBD works on pets the same way it does for humans - by interacting with their ECS system. Pet parents have found their furry friends get relief from a variety of ailments.

pain relief CBD oil for pets

Pain Relief

CBD has helped pets that have arthritis, have undergone surgery or are in physical discomfort to feel like themselves again and manage pain.

cure pet animals anxiety cannabis natural oil

Anxiety Management

Whether its car rides to the vet, crackers during Diwali, our guests at home, our Pet CBD Oil helps manage your furry friends anxiety.

CBD for dogs and pets with neurological ailments like seizures


A powerful neuroprotector, CBD is great for dogs with neurological ailments like seizures or lack of co-ordination (ataxia).

CBD for Cats & Dogs

Palliative Care

CBD can help your pet with holistic care in their final days. Regulating appetite, pain, mood, anxiety and more.

choose correct CBD dose for dog as per weight

Feeding Guide

With an oil based format and a pleasant chicken flavour loved by both cats and dogs, our CBD oil can be given to your pet in a variety of ways.

With Meals

Add the oil from the dropper into the food bowl and mix it with regular food.

With Treats

Add CBD oil onto a porous pet treat for maximum absorption.

Homemade Treats

Bake your pet homemade treats by adding the CBD oil to your regular recipe.

CBD Massage

Apply the oil directly to your pet's skin and coat for improved skin and fur texture.

Customer Reviews

Based on 460 reviews
Praful S.

My dog is much calmer and happier since taking this.

Niharika S.

Some days back my puppy got injured. i used CBD oil and it has really helped calming him with his pain.

Vicky K.

The mild variant is like a peaceful oasis in my pet’s day. It’s become an essential part of their wellness

Deboleena S.

This CBD oil has worked wonders for my cat's anxiety.

Trishika R.

It was difficult giving her the drops, so rubbing it on her ear has been a game changer. Her overall anxiety has decreased tremendously and I believe has helped her go longer between seizures. We are so grateful for this product.