CBD for every lifestyle. We are Qurist

Drawing on the vast range of plant-based extracts; Qurist was born out of a love of seeing our loved ones
feel better with natural alternatives that help in managing and improving the symptoms of chronic ailments.

Cannabidiol oil

Hemp sounds like healing. It’s also true

A serendipitous discovery, backed by research, Qurist believes in the immense healing potential of the humble hemp plant.

Science you can trust.

Not all CBD formulations are created equal. With Qurist, we bring you the most trustworthy, well rounded CBD formulations of global standards for everyday wellbeing.

Responsibly-sourced from our affiliate farms in the United States, crafted with care and meticulously processed with multiple quality checks.

Our CBD compound comes to you after being backed by trusted research around CBD and evidence from clinical trials.

Tested CBD Oil

Naturally alleviate symptoms of anxiety, muscle inflammation, joint pains, and sleep issues without the side effects.

A kind code to wellness…since day one. A vision to share it forward..

Made to be gentle on your system, Qurist brings to every Indian home, natural wellness solutions that offer high efficacy, bioavailable CBD formulations, curated with passion.

Having enjoyed the harmonious benefits of CBD personally, we know that a healthy life should be more accessible. This is why we nurture kind, community relationships to ensure that people have access to safe, effective and affordable wellness when they need it the most, including free of cost plans for the underprivileged, working with NGOs and holding ourselves to a standard of kindness, since day one.

With radical transparency, from seed to shelf,
let’s get you
feeling better.