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Only the best for your furry friends. Our Pet CBD Oil is made using a human grade broad spectrum extract that eliminates any trace of THC. Natural chicken oil base. 100% THC FREE
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How Can CBD Help My Pet?

CBD works on pets the same way it does for humans - by interacting with their ECS system. Pet parents have found their furry friends get relief from a variety of ailments.

pain relief CBD oil for pets

Pain Relief

CBD has helped pets that have arthritis, have undergone surgery or are in physical discomfort to feel like themselves again and manage pain.

cure pet animals anxiety cannabis natural oil

Anxiety Management

Whether its car rides to the vet, crackers during Diwali, our guests at home, our Pet CBD Oil helps manage your furry friends anxiety.

CBD for dogs and pets with neurological ailments like seizures


A powerful neuroprotector, CBD is great for dogs with neurological ailments like seizures or lack of co-ordination (ataxia).

CBD Oil for Pets like Dog

Palliative Care

CBD can help your pet with holistic care in their final days. Regulating appetite, pain, mood, anxiety and more.

choose correct CBD dose for dog as per weight
benefits of natural oil in pet

Our marked dropper is included with every bottle. Start with 0.5mL once a day and adjust as per your pets requirement.

Chicken Flavour, CBD Extract and Coconut Oil. That's it.

Feeding Guide

With an oil based format and a pleasant chicken flavour loved by both cats and dogs, our CBD oil can be given to your pet in a variety of ways.

With Meals

Add the oil from the dropper into the food bowl and mix it with regular food.

With Treats

Add CBD oil onto a porous pet treat for maximum absorption.

Homemade Treats

Bake your pet homemade treats by adding the CBD oil to your regular recipe.

CBD Massage

Apply the oil directly to your pet's skin and coat for improved skin and fur texture.

Years of R&D

Because perfection takes time.


You have questions, we have answers.

Top Reviews

Shiro's Mom

Happier, calmer, less anxious

Guests coming over is now so much easier for him and us. I have finally started calling my friends instead of worrying about Shiro being anxious.

Nalaya's Dad

Really helped with her arthritis

Nalaya is a senior dog and had become a lot less active due to pain - CBD Oil has helped her so much. Pain is bearable for her and she is more active now.

Shera's Mom

As a dog mom, I recommend it

Just how anxiety is debilitating for us, it is very tough on our pets. General anxiety especially. Do your dog a favor and get them some pet CBD.

Customer Reviews

Based on 394 reviews
Harsha T.

It's hard to pinpoint what is helping my dog to recover since he is also on Probiotic Chews and Joint Care Chews. Together I think they have all helped with his physical health. His anxiety is a different issue altogether.

Parth S.
Their service representative helped me a lot to complete my order online

I ordered a bottle of Pet CBD oil for our family dog who has a torn ligament. Their service representative helped me complete my order online and followed up through the process to my receipt of the oil. The oil comes carefully packaged, hope it works for my dog. I will write another review when I get good results.

Itee S.
I find a way to control my dog’s noise anxiety

My 10-year-old bunnie, doesn’t like loud noises. At the first rumble of thunder or pop of fireworks, he starts panting and pacing. The minute fireworks go off, he’s running to hide. At least now I find a way to control my dog’s noise anxiety: cannabidiol—aka CBD oil for pets, a compound that can be extracted from cannabis, which includes marijuana and hemp. I am really happy that I found this product

Pihu H.
My 15-year-old Bruno got better appetite & more relaxed than before

I bought this to comfort my 15-year-old Bruno who started to exhibit the classic signs of doggy dementia (pacing, panting, anxiety, and confusion at night, but he's fine all day). He's also very old so has arthritis and typical aches and pains. He’s on a couple of prescription painkillers amongst other medicines so I wasn’t sure what kind of result we’d get from an all-natural product. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t sure how well this might work for him but wanted to help his anxiety if possible because it came down to quality of life for him. My husband was skeptical but supportive. Within 24 hours there was an obvious improvement. Not a subtle one, a clear one. He’d exhaust himself all night and then come morning sleep half the day and be back to himself all afternoon and evening. Within 24 hours, that’s ONLY 2 doses, he slept through the night peacefully and has since.

If you’re skeptical I implore you to try this. It’s blown us away by how big of a change this has made. He's got a better appetite and he's more relaxed but not sedated. I also believe he's more comfortable. I’m so glad we went for it. We know we don’t have him for much longer but as long as he's happy and comfortable we will go to any length to keep him with us because he's everything to us. This has changed his life and thus, ours.

Aditi R.
Pet CBD Oil has improved our Dog's quality of life

This is the second time that I am using Pet CBD oil. My first dog had advanced liver cancer and was barely moving. She seemed to experience some relief from the first dose and we used it daily afterward – she was back outside playing with her toys. I would say it improved her quality of life significantly towards the end.
I am using it again for my 15-year-old dog with dementia and a myriad of health issues.
He is less uncertain and moves around with ease. This product truly has a positive effect on an ailing dog's quality of life.