Your guide to CBD

In India, CBD oil has seen widespread use by psychologists, psychiatrists, oncologists, neurologists, fitness instructors, nutritionists, vets, gyms, athletes, senior care homes and people suffering from anxiety. The wide adoption of CBD oil in India stems from the need to move away from allopathic medicines and move toward natural, side effect free supplements.

Looking to try CBD but don’t know where to start? We’re breaking it down with this quick, practical guide to answer your questions.


One of the most vital parts of making an effective CBD is making sure the raw material used in the process is of the highest quality. Our plants are organic, grown without the use of pesticides and are GMO free. We use the best methods for hemp cultivation and the pH level is checked at regular intervals.

Extraction process

Decarboxylation plays a huge role in our proprietary extraction method where the plants undergo a CO2 extraction. The raw extract is then put through winterization for refinement. The extract at last, goes through a THC chromatographic removal process, ensuring the absence of any impurities/THC.


The extract is mixed into MCT oil, in a temperature controlled and sanitised laboratory. MCT, extracted from coconut oil is our carrier oil to ensure a great user experience when using our product.

Quality Check

A final lab test and quality check for our tincture before it goes out to ensure the absence of any contaminants.


The final product is then bottled and carefully sealed in a fully sanitised environment.

CBD, simplified

Simply put, CBD Oil is an extract of the hemp plant that contains CBD - a non psychoactive medicinal compound which is further infused in coconut or hemp seed oil that act as carriers within the body.

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India Legalities 101

We know what you’re thinking. Am I going to get in trouble for it? And whether or not CBD oil is legal in India?

Long answer short - it’s completely legal. CBD is a non psychoactive non restricted compound that is extracted from industrial hemp. And while marijuana and hemp are distant cousins of the same plant species, they are entirely different plants. Here is a more detailed description of CBD oil’s legal status in India.

CBD oil is an extract of the hemp plant that contains CBD - a non psychoactive medicinal compound which is further diluted in coconut or hemp seed oil. CBD oil is completely safe and legal to purchase in India as its not a banned or restricted substance under the NDPS (national drugs and psychotropics substances) act. The substance that is restricted is THC - a chemical found in the marijuana plant, a distant cousin of the hemp plant.

The government recognises the fact that CBD is not a drug and is a non-restricted, legal, natural plant derivative.

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What is Broad Spectrum CBD oil?

Qurist ticks all the boxes, offering a Broad Spectrum Extract of CBD that’s derived from organically-grown hemp using superior extraction processes, making it 100% THC-free while keeping all the beneficial components and mixed with a carrier oil for ease of use. What’s not to like?

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Difference between Broad Spectrum, Full Spectrum and Isolate


Cheaper to produce, Isolates only extract the specific chemical “CBD” from the plant without extracting any of the other beneficial plant cannabinoids.

Farmed Hemp
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Full Spectrum

Using the cannabinoid rich parts of regulated, farmed hemp Full Spectrum Extract uses the combined power of beneficial cannabinoids for greater efficacy but does contain trace amounts of THC - the psychoactive component of the plant.

Farmed Hemp
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Broad Spectrum

Going a few steps further than Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum Extract deploys proprietary filtering processes to isolate the psychoactive THC element, removing its traces completely, retaining all helpful cannabinoids and terpenes.

Farmed Hemp
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Commonly Asked Questions

You can consume it orally or sublingually by keeping it under for 30 seconds for faster bio availability or in your smoothies and food using a dropper. You can also use it topically by applying it to the inflamed part of your body such as painful joints, sore muscles etc.

Taking CBD oil in the appropriate dosage is the safest way. If one wishes to consult a doctor before taking CBD to be sure, there is no harm. As such, it does not a prescription.

CBD oil is free of the psychoactive agent, THC, the source that causes the high! Our CBD oil is extracted directly from high quality, well cultivated hemp plants and is free from any such THC traces. It only has therapeutic benefits and does not cause any form of intoxication, making it a natural product.