Our roots.

CBD was born out of a growing need for medical management and a lack of supplementary healthcare solutions that cater to both, serious illnesses and general wellness.

We recognises CBD’s potential as a natural solution to a variety of health concerns and even illnesses that don’t have a complete cure. Qurist provides consumers with science focussed, research based products that actually work.

Our quality team has thoroughly and diligently monitors our affiliate farms and extraction plants in the U.S.A. to ensure that you only get the best.

We also believe that a healthy life should be a right, not a privilege. This is why we work with a variety of NGO’s in an endeavour to nurture kind, community relationships and ensure that people have access to safe and effective wellness when they need it the most.

Qurist believes in bringing to every home natural, wellness solutions that inspire and high efficacy, bioavailable CBD formulations, curated with passion.

Radical transparency, promised. From seed to shelf.

Samisht Sehgal

Meet the C.E.O.

Samisht Sehgal

After he completed his MBA from IIM Indore, Samisht joined Deloitte as a strategy consultant where he worked with multiple Fortune 500 companies and guided some of the largest M&A deals in India. His process based approach emphasises quality and sustainability.
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