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Our CBD oil offers all the benefits of the hemp plant and its range of cannabinoids without any effects of THC. Unflavoured, Natural Ayurvedic, Preservative Free, just pure THC free cannabinoid extract & coconut MCT oil.
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Visible Results

Rich in cannabinoids, our tinctures are perfect to tackle a variety of concerns with a single holistic product.

CBD Oil for Pain Relief

Pain Relief

CBD interacts with the endocannabinold system to provide relief from pain and inflammation, both internal and external.

Restful sleeps with CBD Oil

Restful Sleep

Named the 2nd best sleep supplement by the WHO; CBD helps you achieve a deeper and more restful sleep.

Anxiety Management with CBD Oil

Anxiety Management

With proven results in managing general anxiety as well as anxiety attacks, our CBD oil is the perfect solution to feel like yourself again.

use cbd to balance your hormone levels

Hormonal Balance

CBD works directly with the endocannabanoid system in your body that’s responsible for regulating hormones.

Droplet for mental health
benefits of CBD Cannabidiol

Our marked dropper is included with every bottle to help you dose better. Start with 0.5mL once a day and adjust as per your body's requirement.

Pure CBD Extract and Coconut Oil. That's it.

Years of R&D

Because perfection takes time.


You have questions, we have answers.

Top Reviews

Harish J.

Life changing

Been using CBD oil for a year regularly. Amazing for hormonal balance, sleep, anxiety. It's magic in a bottle!

Rhea S.

Super potent

Worked wonders for my anxiety. Way way better than anti-anxiety meds as its completely non intoxicating.

Nitin A.

Amazing for neuro

Dramatically improved the symptoms of my fathers Parkinsons. Wish I had found this sooner.

Customer Reviews

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Mihika K.
CBD Oil Medium

I tried the CBD Oil medium version. My overall experience has been superb. All of my queries were answered by their in-house doctor. The product was delivered on time and has been working well for me.

Dipika S.

I wasn't sure about ordering, so checked reviews & all looked good. Was not disappointed, items were delivered quickly & got the CBD oil. I have fibromyalgia & wake feeling awful everyday, past 2months more than usual. CBD helps with persistent nausea & takes edge of feeling awful so can get my basic chores done.

Dushyant S.


Had the Sleep of my life!

Im usually someone who sleeps by 1-2 am at night, but the 1st dose of Qurist CBD Oil (medium), I fell asleep by 11:00 pm and I wasn't even tired. It relaxes your mind and body really well, and helps you fall asleep quicker and improves sleep quality too. I would totally recommend this, rather than going for sleep medications.

Works wonders

Just a few drops 30 mins before bedtime for a peaceful sleep.